The New Global Trade Roadmap – Milan,  Oct 30, 2019

New free trade agreements, customs policies, alliances and new understandings: how do trade balances change between the main players in international trade?
A meeting for entrepreneurs and managers on the new exchange dynamics between Europe, Asia and the USA.

Alessia Amighini Co-head Asia Centre “ISPI”
Andrea Boragno President & CEO Alcantara – Vice President “Fondazione Italia Giappone”
Federico Fubini Vice Director “Corriere della Sera”
Massimo Gaggi Editor “Corriere della Sera”
Michele Geraci Professor
Mara Gergolet Foreign Editorial Manager “Corriere della Sera”
Andrea Guerra Executive President “Eataly”
Kentaro Ide General Director “JETRO Milan”
Massimiliano Magrini Co-Founder e Managing Partner “United Ventures”
Vincenzo Petrone General Director “Fondazione Italia Cina”
Beniamino Quintieri President “Sace”
Pier Francesco Rimbotti President “Infrastrutture S.p.A.”
Guido Santevecchi Correspondent from China “Corriere della Sera”
Giuseppe Sarcina Corrispondent from Washington “Corriere della Sera”
Paolo Smafora CEO “AEON Italia”
Danilo Taino Special Correspondent “Corriere della Sera”
Giovanni Andrea Toselli CEO “PwC Italia”
Giulio Tremonti President “Aspen Institute Italia”
Marco Tronchetti Provera Vice President & CEO “Pirelli”
Mario Andrea Vattani EU, Asia Pacific Coordinator DG Globalization and Global Issues “Ministry of Foreign Affairs”