Enersol S.r.l. – Informative Notice

Rovereto – June 29, 2019

With reference to art. 1 paragraph 125 of Law 124/2017, the grants (contributions, paid positions, economic benefits) received by Enersol S.r.l. by public administrations during the year ended, 31th December, 2018 are summarized below:

  • € 702,461 (gross of the withholding tax) collected by the Energy Services Manager for contributions in the energy account relating to the production of electricity from solar sources;
  • € 124,805 collected by the Energy Services Manager for fees relating to the withdrawal of electricity fed into the network (so-called dedicated collection).

The above amounts refer to n. 4 photovoltaic systems owned by Enersol S.r.l. located in the municipality of Gaggiano (MI).