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Main Projects

Infrastrutture‘s holds a photovoltaic portfolio in operation with a total capacity of 13.4 MWp located throughout Italy

Currently in operation eight Solar Photovoltaic Projects with a with a total capacity of 13.4 MWp with a monoaxial technology.

  • The Photovoltaic Project's innovative technologies with a significant contribution of Italian companies will enhance the plant's energy yield, making them amongst the most productive and efficient in Europe.
  • The Projects will offset approximately 13,940 tons of carbon (CO2) emissions per year.

Our projects, model of simplicity and harmony

Sustainable development, in harmony with the landscape, in accordance with local communities.


Ohsas certification We decided to take the best quality standards and methodology, implementing a Safety Management System specially designed for the prevention and control of hazards in technical and administrative management of photovoltaic systems, a validation of our efforts and our desire to make such a system better and more efficient.


  • Acate 1.6MWp

    Energy produced/year: 3,178 MWh
    Carbon emissions saved/year: 1,741 Ton
  • Chiaramonte 4MWp

    Energy produced/year: 7,980 MWh
    Carbon emissions saved/year: 4,372 Ton
  • Giarratana 2MWp

    Energy produced/year: 3,990 MWh
    Carbon emissions saved/year: 2,186 Ton
  • Monterosso Almo 1MWp

    Energy produced/year: 1,987 MWh
    Carbon emissions saved/year: 1,089 Ton
    Monterosso Almo
  • Noto 1MWp

    Energy produced/year: 1,978 MWh
    Carbon emissions saved/year: 1,084 Ton
  • Vittoria 1.45MWp

    Energy produced/year: 2,900 MWh
    Carbon emissions saved/year: 1,589 Ton


Rocca San Giovanni 1.3MWp

Energy produced/year: 2,144 MWh
CO2 emissions saved/year: 1,175 Ton
  • Rocca San Giovanni
  • Rocca San Giovanni
  • Rocca San Giovanni
  • Rocca San Giovanni


Filetto 1.0MWp

Energy produced/year: 1,284 MWh
CO2 emissions saved/year: 703 Ton
  • Filetto
  • Filetto
  • Filetto
  • Filetto
  • Filetto


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