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Group Profile


Innovative investment, development and services in the energy and environmental sectors, shared with the communities where we operate.
To be leader in Italy and abroad of a sustainable economy through the development of:

  • Projects dedicated to energy production from renewable sources;
  • Projects environmentally friendly and well integrated in the community;
  • Investments with returns exceeding the industry average;
  • Provider of Asset Management services;
  • Provider of O&M services.


Our identity


Infrastrutture's symbol
is an evolution
of the company's initial one.
the restyling is in line with the use
of the new energy sources.
the 4 original arrows,
that, with their 45° irregular cut,
evoke the electricity,
following the process
of development and grow
to finally generate a new sign.
the five vectors,
positioned on
a 72° angle rotation,
bring together
a dynamic sense of progress.
the circular divergent placement
recalls the sunbeams,
the form of the wind turbines
and energy's irradiation
from its own source.
our vectors
are curve base
isosceles triangles
so as to evoke sails
pushed forward by the force of the wind.

Assolombarda  Elettricità Futura 
OHSAS 18001 Certification  ISO 9001 Certification 
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