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The engineering arm of Infrastrutture

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Austex S.r.l. (www.austex.eu), is the group's company that acts as part of the energy value chain, from feasibility studies to project development, engineering and construction of power generation and conversion plants.
The company holds a significant track record of developed projects including "Turnkey" contracts, programs to reduce CO2 emissions and the introduction of new technologies to improve energy efficiency.
Austex counts on a very qualified team, thanks to a high level technical know-how based on solid experience developed on the field.
The company has always been committed to a sustainable environment and economy, it is very active in the renewable energy sector with specific interest in energy efficiency and green certificates.



Its mission is to promote leading-edge energy efficiency through economic sustainability and to exploit engineering excellence to develop environmentally winning solutions.

Propelled by selected experts in the optimization of energy conversion.


  • Feasibility, investment costing.
  • Design, purchasing, construction management, start-up.
  • Rationalization of power generation and conversion plants.
  • Owner's Engineering


  • Independent consultancy.
  • Highly qualified skills base adaptable to specific client needs.
  • Broad technical and field expertise.
  • Upgrading and revamping financed through energy savings.

Track record

  • Turn key, end-to-end supply.
  • Introduction of new technologies for energy costs reduction.
  • Successful CO2 reduction programs.
  • Transfer of technical innovation to production units.
  • Definition of Company's Guidelines and Design Criteria.
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