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Currently in Italy there is a strong development of 1 MWe cogeneration plants fuelled by biomass from agricultural products.
Specifically, since 2008 non-cellulosic energy crops from local farming (<70 km from the plant) such as maize, triticale, sorghum, residues from food processing are feeding an increasing number of anaerobic digestion facilities. In case of wet digesters, beside increasing electricity and heat output, an important driver is the treatment of animal waste for the correct utilization in agricultural practices.
Additional cases of development for biomass power generation come from short rotation forestry, exploitation of marginal wooded areas, the management of river beds, the utilization of residues from oilseed crops in combustion and heat recovery facilities.
Infrastrutture SpA has participated and sponsored several biomass projects. The Group's engineering company AUSTEX Srl has performed technical due diligences on biomass power plants for financial institutions.

Cogenaration Plants from Renewables sources - Vegetable Oil

INFRASTRUTTURE's Group, is studying some innovative projects to produce electricity and heat generated by vegetable oil.

The projects are highly efficient, with a productivity superior from modern thermo plants or even competitive to those generated by turbogas and combined cycle.


  • The convergence between the agriculture and energetic sectors with important synergies in terms of land's usability and demand for local employment.
  • Need for high capacity for electricity's peak shaving load
  • Increase of competitiveness of biofuels against fossil's
  • Demand for electricity continues to grow in Italy and worldwide
  • Flexibility of fuels
  • The projects require highly qualified suppliers and procurement systems committed to social and environmental issues

Environmental impact

Being a fuel from a vegetable source, the power generation does not have any influence on the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, consequently it is qualified for the objectives signed and ratify of the Kyoto protocol. In addition to the absence of the greenhouse effect.

The projects are under development and the plants are currently under development or authorization stage.


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